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Power Over Coax (PoC)

Hikvision introduced TurboHD 4.0 DVR products, which vastly improve on previous TurboHD
products. The Power over Cable (PoC) function is a coaxial cable-based transmission technology of video, coaxitron and power supply. A PoC DVR has a built-in PoC power module and operates by power supply of 48 VDC and 52 VDC with DC current-based video signals. The technical barrier of PoC module is how to overlap DC current and video signals without causing interference to video signals. The patented technology of Hikvision effectively separates AC and DC current so that electricity and video signals are transmitted harmoniously together on coaxial cables.

With the PoC technology, the wiring of analog surveillance becomes much easier and more efficient while the cost is lower.
PoC DVRs support only Hikvision/Hikvision OEM PoC cameras.
We do not recommend any third-party cameras, either PoC or non-PoC, connecting to PoC DVRs because the high DC voltage in the PoC module is likely to damage third-party cameras without voltage protection.

PoC HD-TVI Cameras

You need a Hikvision/Hikvision OEM PoC DVR for PoC one cable solution. Just like regular TVI cameras, PoC cameras also work on NON PoC DVR (TVI DVR)
if you connect extra power supply to PoC cameras. 



Power Over Coax (PoC) DVR only work with Hikvision/Hikvision OEM PoC cameras if you want to use PoC technology. PoC DVR also work with NON PoC cameras if you connect extra power supply to NON PoC cameras.



Power Over Coax KIT brings you much easier installation experience and more efficient while the cost is lower.


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